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The McArthur Talent Architects team combine a broad range of local, national and international organisational understanding and practical experience.


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Dr. Michael Arcella


Michael gets satisfaction from engaging with individuals who deeply care and have the vision to make a difference. He believes devoutly in servant leadership -  by enriching the lives of the people we work with to ultimately build better organisations and communities.


Performance measurement

Michael is a skilled practitioner who works with indigenous and non-indigenous Councillors in the development and facilitation of CEO performance reviews. Michael's capability to understand the requirements of Councillors and the CEO is paramount, where the benefits are focused around

HR Consulting

Working with independent non-for-profit organisations where each organisation has strong expertise in the delivery of their essential service to their community. Each organisation's expertise is recognised within the mental health and disability sector; however their ability to provide efficient and effective HR service delivery and back end support to their service delivery was lacking. Working within a shared services model, Michael enhanced and modernised their Human Resource practices.

Remuneration Strategies

Reviewed and benchmarked remuneration packages across a wide range of Local Government Authorities where an in-depth understanding of all roles and associated responsibilities was critical to delivering the required outcomes. This was a key driver behind the methodology and further utilising comprehensive National remuneration data.  Understanding that employees are organisations greatest asset is clearly a focal point when undertaking these assignments.



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Arcella, M., Brown, D.F., Endekov, Z.(2007) Leading Critical Incident Response Teams under Maximum Test Conditions, Hawaii International Conference on Business.

Endekov, Z., Brown, D.F., Arcella, M.(2007) Leadership in Transition: Operational to Strategic Leadership in Policing, Hawaii International Conference on Business.


Michael has had extensive experience working in human resource management.  The focus of his work has been on examining the objectives of the organisation, its people, its vision and mission and bringing these components together to create a strategic focus for an organisation.  Michael has held positions in the corporate and education sectors. His HR experience includes working for organisations such as the ANZ Bank, RMIT, Arthur Anderson and La Trobe University.
While completing his PhD at La Trobe University, Michael lectured across various subject areas in the human resource management field. His PhD assessed the performance, leadership, motivation and knowledge of police officers when leading and managing a critical incident response.