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Bringing insight, understanding and innovative thinking to every project.

The McArthur Talent Architects team combine a broad range of local, national and international organisational understanding and practical experience.


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Gen Hindman


Gen is passionate about assisting organisations achieve best practice service delivery in the public and private sector. The balance between value for money and the very best outcomes for individuals and communities motivates her.

Gen has over 30 years' experience in Government, community, and private sector service delivery. Gen's extensive knowledge of the issues and challenges in the changing Local Government environment particularly in regulatory and community safety programs has been welcomed by many within the industry.


Organisational Performance

Gen's successful management career across four Victorian Councils has provided a solid base for her to share her knowledge and experience through service reviews, benchmarking exercises, on-site project management and assisting with tender documentation.

Gen is able to translate client briefs into practical work plans so that progress and outcomes can be monitored, assessed and adjusted to ensure projects meet the mark every time.

Benchmark projects have involved data and information collection across several municipalities at one time and Gen has skilfully ensured the contributing parties meet deadlines and quality levels as needed. Information collection has typically involved the compilation of performance and financial reports, business plans, policy and procedures. It has also involved interviews with staff and other similar industry players, site visits and research into national and international approaches and activity.


Performance Management

Gen is able to work on-site alongside managers and teams to facilitate, inform, and provide additional expertise, coaching and team development. Her flexibility and management skills have been utilised in a range of ways. Her experience also spans teaching and management of early childhood services, community development and work with not for profit organisations.


Bachelor of Education (EC) - University of Melbourne.

Gen participated in the month long live-in leadership training at the Institute of Educational Administration and also LGA Management Training at Canberra University.

Gen was an active member of LGPro from its inception and was a founding member of the Regulatory Services Special Interest Group. She contributed to state and national level conference and workshop planning for the industry and has presented at these forums.

Past Experience

Gen has had experience on a range of committees and was the Chair of the Lady Gowrie Children's Centre at the time of its expansion to include the Docklands Centre.

Her work in State Government encompassed regional supervisory positions and technical based roles in Head Office. Her diverse Local Government experience has included senior management roles within children's and regulatory services. Gen also undertook a secondment to a chief executive officer position in a floundering community based program offering migration support programs and general community aid services for families, youth and offenders.