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Bringing insight, understanding and innovative thinking to every project.

The McArthur Talent Architects team combine a broad range of local, national and international organisational understanding and practical experience.


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Sandi Cowan


Coach, strategist, communicator and corporate executive, Sandi's wide ranging background perfectly positions others to achieve their potential and transform into the professionals to which they aspire.

Understanding that the future is not necessarily an extension of the past, Sandi combines a structured approach with highly effective yet unusual techniques for future planning and inspiring, successful leadership.  With strong empathy skills, she is a firm believer in supporting others to articulate and achieve the future they imagine for themselves.


Transformational coaching   

Heightened self awareness development

Leadership development and workshop facilitation



Sandi's coaching in the corporate world, combined with the not for profit and local government sectors give her the sought after ability to help others create their own desired future roadmaps. Coming from a highly evolved strategic base, Sandi's capacity to assist executives to transform into the leader they want to be is well-founded. It is her unique blend of experience, theory and practice that has supported executives to turn their imagined futures into genuine, constructive achievement across a broad range of industry sectors. Sandi's previous roles include:

General Manager of Corporate Affairs - Pioneer Electronics

Responsible for PR, the environmental program and charitable program

Journalist - The Intermedia Group

Melbourne correspondent for Appliance Retailer and Kidz Business magazines

Adult Literacy Teacher, Taskforce

Helping  people who were unemployed and needed assistance with reading and writing skills