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Over the last 20 years, McArthur Talent Architects has worked with Public and Private sector clients, delivering a broad range of strategic solutions with a singular objective… helping clients develop their most valuable asset… People.

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Royal District Nursing Service

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) is one of Australia's most respected, recognised and iconic health service providers. In order to ensure the organisation was ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health landscape, McArthur Talent Architects partnered with RDNS on a major Strategic Renewal project.


For over 130 years, RDNS provided a simple but highly effective service where a nurse went to a home, delivered care, then left. However, over the last few years, the Australian health industry has been going through major changes. Two key challenges were the continuing shift in funding from State to Federal initiatives and the increasing rise in consumer choice care (CDC). In order to move with these changes, RDNS identified several key areas of focus including front line staffing numbers, the management structure and physical location rationalisation. In addition, RDNS was also implementing an exciting new technology platform which would remove the need for staff to go into an office to collect their rosters, resulting on an increased focus on patient care.

With such a significant technology enabled and people change process on the horizon, RDNS required a partner to develop and manage assessment centres in order to determine who were the most appropriate candidates for the future of RDNS.


McArthur Talent Architects  provided an end-to-end robust process, underpinned by clear competencies, which took away any ambiguity with respect to time lines, methodology, rigour in process and, of course, the desired outcome.
The process consisted of three key stages:


McArthur Talent Architects scheduled 32 individual assessment centres across a broad range of locations and managed over 260 applications - all within extremely challenging time parameters. 
Key deliverables included:


"For what was always going to be a tricky and sensitive project, I was pleased to say the entire process was complaint-free and that included key stakeholders such as the Unions and Government. All employees agreed that everything was managed professionally, and I couldn't have asked for a more positive outcome than that."

David Aberdeen, Head of People and Culture - RDNS.