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Talent architects team.png Sean Callanan Rebecca Hunt Allan Preiss

Bringing insight, understanding and innovative thinking to every project.

The McArthur Talent Architects team combine a broad range of local, national and international organisational understanding and practical experience.


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  • Sean Callanan

    BA. Hon, Masters of Employment, Labour Relations and Human Rights Law
    General Manager - Talent Architects Victoria
  • Rebecca Hunt

    BA. Hons
    Manager - Human Resources Consulting - South Australia
  • Allan Preiss

    BA, Dip Ed. Master of Management
    Senior HR Consultant

Sean Callanan


As a well-known and long-term partner Local governments nationally, Sean's focus will be supporting and growing our service offerings of National Remuneration Review, Performance Appraisals, Life App Pulse Surveys, National Rem Review and Executive Remuneration benchmarking. He is genuinely looking forward to further strengthen the relationship with Executive Recruitment and its client base, sees much upside. Sean is excited to increase our consulting offerings and develop a suite of tools and programs for your Council workforce, built on the growing success of the McArthur Life App Pulse Survey. 

Sean is particularly keen to support the McArthur 2023/24 National Remuneration Review Project Research, which has been such a successful initiative and tool for the last 10 years for Local government Executives and HR managers.


Sean has for some time now, successfully put together innovative campaigns and People and Culture projects at McArthur. Our partnership with the local and international universities, International Child youth and family recruitment programs, and managing State and Federal Government workforce planning contracts. 


Sean's Post graduate background includes studies in Employment Law, EEO and International Human Rights Law at Melbourne University and previously completed his Honours research in Social Policy and Indigenous Remote Communities. He is qualified MBTI Trainer in Personality assessment and specialist in Workplace Investigations and Risk Assessment tools and change management models.


Sean's career includes senior positions as Director in education programmes with the NT government and management postings with National Charities, Local Government and community recreation services. His experience includes extensive involvement in the delivery of Higher education cross-cultural research and education programs, national community services projects and consulting to large charities such as YMCA and Mission Australia. Sean is a specialist in strategy and corporate projects in the HR sphere.